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Scope of Biotechnology

All students those are want to qualify CSIR / GATE must have all books in below Links

CSIR Net & GATE exam famous books

Most important books for CSIR UGC NET / GATE BT

1)Molecules and their Interaction Relevant to Biology

1.Fundamentals of Biochemistry: Life at the Molecular Level

2. Lehninger Principles of Biochemistry, Fourth Edition

3.Biochemistry by l.stryer

4.Biochemistry by Campbell

5.Biochemistry by color atlas

6.Harper’s Illustrated Biochemistry

7.Fundamentals of Biochemistry

8.Biochemistry laboratory by Rodhey Boyer

9.Biochemistry: the chemical reactions of living cells

10.plant Biochemistry

11.basic concepts of Biochemistry by H. Gilbert

2).Cellular Organization

1.Moleculer cell Biology by Lodish

2.Moleculer biology of the cell by Albert Bruce

3.The cell by M. Cooper

4.cell & Molecular Biology by G. Karp

3) Fundamental processes

1.Moleculer Biotechnology by R. Glick

2.Biotechnology applying the genetic revolution

4) Cell communication & cell Signalling

1.Immunology by kuby

2.Immunology by color atlas

5) Developmental biology

1.Developmental Biology: From a Cell to an Organism (Genetics & Evolution)

2.Essential Developmental Biology

3.Developmental biology by Gilbert

6) System Physiology-Plant

1.Introduction to plant physiology

2.Biochemistry and Physiology of Plant Hormones

3.plant development

4.plant physiology by Taiz & zeiger

7) System Physiology – Animal

1.animal physiology

2.introduction to animal physiology

3.Animal physiology : from genes to organisms

4. Animal physiology

5.Ross & Wilson anatomy & Physiology

8) Inheritance Biology

1.Genetics by color atlas

2.Genetics: principles and analysis


4.Genetics: from genes to genomes

5.concepts of Genetics

6. Genes & common diseases

7. Concepts of Genetics

8. Genetics: principles & analysis

9.Principles of genetics

10) Diversity of life forms

1. Campbell biology 11th edition

2.Raven biology 11th edition

10) Ecological principles


2.Ecology by Odum


4.elements of ecology by Smith

11) Evolution & Behavior


12) Applied Biology

1.principles & Techniques of Biochemistry & molecular biology by Wilson & Walker

2.Biotechnology by u.satyanarayana

3.principles of Fermentation technology by Whitaker

13) Methods in Biology

1.biophysical chemistry by Nath & Upadhyay

2.Biophysical chemistry by Dagmar & Rudolph

3.principles & Techniques of Biochemistry & molecular biology by Wilson & Walker

1) Microbiology

1.Microbiology by Prescott

2.Microbiology by Tortora

3.classification & Identification of microorganisms

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Scope of Biotechnology

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