competitive exam book series – 2 for GATE BT & XL


✓Engineering mathematics

° Engineering mathematics by Pathfinder publication / NCERT

✓ Microbiology

°Microbiology by L.M Prescott

°Microbiology by Tortora

°Microbiology by Pelczar

°Textbook of Microbiology by Ananthanarayan & Paniker’s


°Biochemistry by Lehninger

°Biochemistry by L. Stryer

°Fundamentals of biochemistry by voet

°Biochemistry by Campbell

✓Molecular Biology & Genetics

°Microbial Genetics by Jones

°Color atlas of Genetics

°Principles of Genetics by j.simmons

°Concepts of Genetics by klug

°Lewins gene 12th edition

✓Process Biotechnology & bioprocess


°Principles of Fermentation by Whittaker

°Bioprocess engineering by p.m.doran

°Bioprocess engineering basic concepts by shuler & kargi

✓Animal Biotechnology

°Culture of animal cell by R.Ian Freshney

✓plant Biotechnology

°Fundamentals of plant biotechnology

By B.S. Singh

✓Cell Biology

°Molecular biology of the cell by

Bruce Albert

°Molecular cell biology by lodish

°Cell & molecular biology by G.karp

°The cell by M. Cooper

°Essential cell biology by Bruce Albert

°Cell Biology


°Gene cloning & DNA analysis by

T.a. brown


°immunology by kuby

°Essential immunology by Wiley

°Color atlas immunology



✓Chemistry NCERT 11th & 12th



✓Food Technology

✓Biochemistry & Microbiology refer

GATE BT books

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Scope of Biotechnology

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