Competitive exam book series -3 IIT JAM BT & BL


👉 To download the library genesis book click on link then click on book image after that get option click book will download


✓Molecular Biology & Cell Biology

°Molecular Biology of the cell by lodish

°Molecular biology of cell cell by Bruce Albert

°karp’s cell & molecular biology by G.


°Essential cell biology by Bruce Albert

°cell Biology

°The cell by M.cooper

✓Immunology & Genetics

°Immunology by kuby

°Basic immunology by Abbas & lichtman

°Roitt’s essential immunology

°Gene cloning & DNA analysis

° Genetics by Simmons & snustad

°Genetics by Brooker

°Principles of gene manipulation

°Genetics by Benjamin

°Concepts of Genetics by klug

°color atlas Genetics

°Genetics by Richard


°Biochemistry by Lehninger

°Biochemistry by stryer

°Biochemistry by voet

°Biochemistry by Campbell

°Lippincott’s Biochemistry


°Microbiology by Ananthanarayan

°Microbiology by Pelczar

°Microbiology by Tortora

°Microbiology by Prescott’s

✓Developmental Biology

°Essential Dev. biology by M.w. Slack

°Developmental Biology by Gilbert

✓Arihant publication

✓R. Gupta’s publication

all Books are latest edition

👉stay connected for next book update series


Best of Luck

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