Competitive exam book series-4 DBT JRF- BET


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ÔťôGeneral Biotechnology

1) Biomolecules structure & Function

┬░Biochemistry by Lehninger

┬░Biochemistry by Stryer

┬░Biochemistry by vote

┬░Biochemistry by Campbell

┬░Biochemistry by color atlas

2) Methods in Biotechnology

┬░principles & techniques of biochemistry & molecular biology by Wilson & Walker

┬░Biophysical Chemistry Principles and Techniques by Avinash Upadhyay

3) Organization of structure & function of prokaryotic & eukaryotic cells

┬░Molecular Biology of the cell by Bruce Albert

┬░cell Biology

┬░The Cell by M.cooper

4) Cellular Processes

┬░Cell & Molecular Biology by G.karp

┬░Molecular Biotechnology by Glick

┬░Molecular Biology


┬░Gene cloning & DNA analysis by T.A


6) Genetics , phylogeny & evolution

┬░Introduction to quantitative genetics by d.s falconer

7) Genomics & proteomics

┬░Genomics & proteomics by sangeetha

8)IPR , biosafety & bioethics


Part B – specialized branches of Biotechnolog

1) Agriculture Biotechnology

┬░Agir.biotechnology by Hemant rawat

2) animal Biotechnology

┬░animal cell culture by R.I freshney

3) , Biotechnology, biochemical

Engineering, industrial Biotechnology

┬░Bioprocess engineering principles by

P.m doran

┬░Principles of Fermentation technology by whittkar

4) Bioinformatics & computational biology

┬░Introduction to bioinformatics by M.lesk

5) Environmental Biotechnology

┬░Environmental Biotechnology by

T.r. Srinivas

6)Marine Biotechnology

┬░Springer handbook of marine biotechnology

7) Medical Biotechnology

┬░Medical Biotechnology by Bernard Glick

8) Molecular & Human Genetics

┬░Human Genetics : concepts & application by Lewis

10) Neuroscience

┬░Essential neuroscience by a.siegel

11) Pharmaceutical Biotechnology

┬░Pharmaceutical Biotechnology:

Concept & application by Gary Walsh

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