We have given GRE practice tests for Bio molecules, the pattern of GRE is somewhat similar to CSIR. Go through that questions also.

CSIR previous questions/ CSIR Practice Tests
GRE questions are similar to CSIR questions. We have given some GRE biology practice tests. So refer that questions also. Tough, but it will help you.

    You can find notes for majority of topics in this site itself. Search with your keyword.
    The above is a very small list. Still I think and wish, this will help you
    Don’t get over stressed. Workout maximum previous questions as possible. Find time to relax. Grow in confidence and that is what matters most in an exam.
    And the bottom line is you may or may not qualify this exam. .. when you come out of the exam hall, you should have the feeling….. I tried my very best……. sometime everything will fall in place, at times nothing will go our way. Definitely, you will find reward for your hard work.

    Part A :

    1. Mensuration – 2-3 Questions

    2.Series completion – 2-3 Questions

    3. Graphical representation & analysis – 3-4 Questions

    4. General Aptitude – 5 Questions

    Part B :

    1. Biochemistry – 5-6 Questions

    2. Cell Biology – 4-5 Questions

    3. Molecular Biology – 8-10 Questions

    4. Genetics – 4-5 Questions

    5. Embryology – 3-4 Questions

    6. Classical Zoology and Botany – 5-6 Questions

    7. Experiment based questions – 3-4 Questions

    8. Instrumentation – 4-5 Questions

    Part C:

    1. Biochemistry – 6-8 Questions

    2. Cell Biology – 8-10 Questions

    3. Molecular Biology – 8-10 Questions

    4. Model Organisms – 3-4 Questions

    5. Genetics – 4-6 Questions

    6. Instrumentation – 5-8 Questions

    7. Other – 8-10 Questions

    All the Best!!

    Wishing the very best…..
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