DMI3000 B Manual Inverted Microscope from Leica

The viewing angle of the ergonomic tube, a standard feature, can be continuously adjusted to ensure the most comfort for the user.

The Leica DMI3000 B’s viewing channel, a notch between the eyepieces, provides a clear view of the specimen regardless of the tube’s position. All of the microscope’s controls are easily accessible for convenient operation.


Ergonomically engineered

All of the microscope’s control elements are ergonomically engineered and easy to reach.

Transmitted light applications

The manual inverted stand is designed for transmitted light applications, such as micromanipulation.

High thermal & mechanical stability

The microscope features high thermal and mechanical stability.

Wide Range of Environmental Equipment

When observing living cells under a microscope, it’s essential to maintain optimal conditions for the organisms. Leica Microsystems offers its customers ideal accessories for any application, letting them control the environmental conditions of their cells throughout their experiments.

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