Slide Dryer II from Ted Pella & Mitos Dropix from Dolomite

The Slide Dryer II dries slides rapidly by circulating heated air over the slide surface, all enclosed in a compact design. The dryer operates from ambient temperature to 75°C (167°F) through the thermostat knob located on the top of the unit. Overheating is prevented by a thermal switch with an indicator light.

The stainless steel hinged lid of the Slide Dryer II accommodates a standard thermometer for temperature monitoring. The drying chamber can hold 2 staining racks and has a removable stainless steel grill on the bottom for easy cleaning.

The Slide Dryer II offers an uncomplicated, fast method for drying slides to maintain a streamlined histology process.

Mitos Dropix from Dolomite

The Mitos Dropix is a compact device for sampling and droplet sequence production. It enables users to create an array of precise volume droplets from up to 24 unique sources. Benefiting from a very precise electro-mechanical design, Mitos Dropix is controlled by computer. The Dropix software (provided) allows users to fully control droplets’ size and frequency, as well as run autonomous sequences with small amounts of set-up time.


Additional Items Required with Mitos Dropix (Part No. 3200350)

  • Mitos Duo XS-Pump (with valves, syringes and Starter Kit) (Part No. 3200465)
  • Dropix Fluid Reservoir – PEEK (Part No. 3200354)
  • Dropix Fluid Reservoir – PMMA (Part No. 3200414)
  • Dropix Sample Strip (Pack of 8) (Part No. 3200351)
  • Dropix Sample Hook – 0.8 mm (Part No. 3200353)
  • Dropix Sample Hook Fitting 0.8 mm (Part No. 3200355)
  • Droplet Storage Coil – 0.25 mm (Part No. 3200349)
  • Dropix Sample Strip Holder (Part No. 3200356)

Features and Benefits

  • Compact and low footprint device
  • Time-efficient and flexible solution allowing users to combine multiple reagents to create complex assays
  • Generates droplets from up to 24 different samples
  • Stores up to 1000 droplets with volumes down to 50 nl
  • Full visibility of the droplets.

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