iQue Screener Platform for High-throughput Suspension Cell Screening from Intellicyt

Ideal for laboratories with a need to get data from suspension-cell assays fast.

The iQue Screener PLUS platform is an integrated instrument, software and reagent system that enables rapid, high content, multiplexed analysis of cells and beads in suspension. Fast comes standard with the iQue Screener PLUS. It excels for those screens where cells are precious or limited in number. For scientists who want to focus on revealing the biology, not on the technology used to get there, software-assisted automation and experiment-based analyses deliver the deep insight needed to answer complex biological questions.

The iQue Screener PLUS (Blue-Red laser configuration) is a phenotypic screening and profiling workhorse that is ideal for applications that require up to 6-color detection, including immunophenotyping, cell health assessment, secreted protein analysis using QBead-based assays and many more applications. The iQue Screener PLUS delivers the ForeCyt® Software Workflow Advantage: a single data management workflow from input to output, which means you work faster and smarter—not harder.

Multiple laser configurations are available to maximize the detection and resolution of various dyes, tandems, and auto fluorescent proteins

Content is king with the iQue Screener PLUS (Violet-Blue-Red and Violet-Yellow-Blue laser configurations). Three-laser configurations offer up to 13-color detection and are ideal for functional and phenotypic applications that demand more choice and flexibility in experimental design. By maximizing the detection and resolution of traditional and/or innovative new reagent dyes, tandem dyes, and fluorescent proteins, iQue Screener PLUS delivers both high performance multicolor analysis and the ForeCyt Software Workflow Advantage making it hands-down the choice of leaders in immune-based drug discovery, immuno-oncology, and cell therapy applications.

The iQue Screener PLUS HD (Blue-Red configuration) provides ultimate assay miniaturization and is the only high content, per-cell, 1536-well capable suspension screener available.

QMax Refill Module: Exclusively for iQue Screener PL

Maximize productivity with the optional QMax Refill Module that automatically manages sheath/waste fluid levels on the iQue Screener PLUS, extending hands-off instrument runtimes up to 5-fold.* The time saving “hot swap” feature means you never have to interrupt an experiment!

* Your runtime may vary.

iQue Screener PLUS Specifications

1)Configuration:-Blue-Red, Violet-Blue-Red, Violet-Yellow-Blue

2)Lasers:-488 nm, 640 nm & 405 nm, 488 nm, 640 nm & 405 nm, 561 nm, 488 nm

3)Detection Channels:-8, 15, 15

4) Plate Types:- 96- and 384-well, 384- and 1536-well (Blue-Red HD) & 96- and 384-well & 96- and 384-well

5)Min Sampling Time:-< 5 minutes/96 wells, < 20 minutes/384 wells

6)Min Sample Aspiration:-1 µL

7)Detection Rate:-Up to 35,000 events/second

8)Dynamic Range:-> 7 Decades

Microvolume Sampling

Patented, rapid sampling with no dead volume. As little as 1 µL can be taken from assay well volumes as small as 6 µL. Samples are delivered to detectors in an “air gap delimited stream”, and an entire plate of data is processed at one time.

Plate Centric Workflow

Plate level annotation, analysis, and visualization integrated with standard population selection tools provides an easy, interactive assay development and decision environment that can be reproduced plate after plate.

Robotic Integration Capable

Unique external plate loading area is accessible by a wide variety of commercially available robots. An easy to use interface and integration development kit means integrating to your favorite automation is easy.

User Defined Shaking, Rinsing, Cleaning

The cartridge station holds enough fluids for unattended multiple plate processing. Assay protocols can be configured to wash and clean at any point during or after plate sampling, so dealing with difficult cell types and biology is a breeze.

Optimized Detection

Designed with “based on flow, built for screening” in mind, the detector requires no adjustments for consistency in multi-user environments and has a seven decade dynamic range to capture all critical data.

Automated Control

Perform routine tasks with the touch of a button including system cleaning, plate map calibration, shutdown, and even fluidics refilling with the QMax Refill Module.

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